Happy Birthday to Me!

I'm turning 40 today! I am so excited! And it turns out this is a big birthday in more than one sense. I have a super awesome piece of news to share:

My novel Revision will be published by Fireside Fiction Co. in spring of 2015. You can read the official announcement for yourself! 

That's put me in a, how do you say, a celebratory mood. So...

  • The Complete Adventures of Captain Lucy Smokeheart are on sale for $4 today only with coupon code HAPPY40. I may never offer the Adventures for a price this low again!
  • If you don't have money to spare or Lucy just isn't your style, I've put my short story Bone and Blood up for free a little ahead of schedule. Read it now!
  • There will be a Twitter Scavenger Hunt tonight at 9pm. There will be fabulous prizes! I'll explain the rules when we all get there. Probably you need to follow me on Twitter for that to work out. C'mon, it'll be a fun party!
  • And finally, if for some reason you want to give me something (jeez, who does that?) remember that every author likes to get reviews of their work. ...Just sayin'.

This has been a spectacular decade for me, and a lot of that is because of a lot of you out there  reading this right now. You're the best. Seriously the very best. So... thank you. All the hugs.

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