Alternis is Launching Soon!

For the last year or so I’ve been working on a super-cool new serial called Alternis. And this time, I get to be the lead writer, which is wild.

Alternis is LitRPG, which basically means it’s about a bunch of people playing a video game except it’s really real. And it’s… you know what, let’s let James Sutter do the talking.

This blurb is especially gratifying to me, because we worked really hard to try to make the rules of Alternis actually work as much as we possibly could. There was a lot of math in the writing — we were practically designing a functional game system as much as we were writing a story. I’m so, so pleased to know it holds up.

But fundamentally, Alternis is just… fun. It comes from a similar place as Lucy Smokeheart; it’s all id and wish fulfillment, tapping into the sort of exuberant adventure you can really only get when you’ve absolutely committed to taking a slightly ridiculous premise as far as you can go.

I love Alternis. I LOVE it. I hope you’ll love it, too. It’s launching on May 15, but there’s an excerpt up already, and you can preorder now.

And while I have you — in other awesome Serial Box news, the first season of Bookburners is FREE and the Android app has launched! Hop on it, folks, it’s a great ride.

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